World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft

Saturday, and all the kids flock to the internet cafe to play World of Warcraft. Online gaming is a huge part of youth culture in East Asia, and even I – having been when I was younger (and in some ways remain) a fairly hardcore geek – was alarmed by the amount of time some people spend in places like this: "another three hours", one kid said to the attendant, handing him a twenty dollar note. (that’s only around £1.50)

This particular cafe in Tai Po is part of a large franchise, but I have been in some pretty dingy internet places where the same person I had seen twenty four hours ago was in the same seat, playing the same game, the only change in that time being the number of cigarette butts in his ashtray, and the number of empty coke cans and cup noodles around him.

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